[31] e-commerce management bcom 4sem 2022 most important questions

e-commerce most important questions

B.Com./B.Com. Vocational
Time: Three Hours
Maximum : 80 Marks
Part A
Answer all questions.
Each question carries 1 mark.

(A) Choose the correct answer:
1 A digital signature is :
a) Scanned signature.
b) Signature in binary form.
c) Encrypting information. d) Handwritten signature.
(2)Mechanism to protect private networks from outside attack is :
a) Antivirus.
b) Gateway
c) Formatting.
d) Firewall.
(3) Telnet is a service that runs :
a) Television on net.
b) Remote program.
c) Cable TV network.
d) Telenext.
(4) The concept of electronic cash is to execute payment by :
a) Credit card.
b) ATM card.
c) Using computer over network. d) Cheque.
(5)A traditional physical company that possess a building or store for operations and offer face-
to-face consumer experience is called
a) Click-and-mortar.
b) Click-only.
c) Brick-and-mortar.
d) Virtual company.

Part B (Short Answer Questions)

Answer any eight questions.Each question carries 2 marks.

11 What is Supply Chain Management ?
12 Explain the meaning of Portal.
13 State the meaning of intranet.
14 What do you mean by HTTP ?
15 Name any two B2C business models.
16 What is media convergence ?
17 What is meant by E-Branding ?
18 What is SSL ?
19 What is mean by Smart Card ?
20 What is mobile commerce ?
(8 x 2 = 16
Part C (Short Essay Questions)
Answer any six questions.
Each question carries 4 marks.
21 State the working of EDI.
22 What are the limitations of E-Commerce ?
23 Explain the business models of E-Commerce.
24 What are the various elements required to implement e-commerce strategies ?
25 Explain the business applications of M-Commerce.
26 Discuss the process of setting up website for E-Commerce.
27 Discuss the contents of corporate web site.
28 Explain the major solutions to security issues in e-commerce.

Part D (Essay Questions)
Answer any two questions.
Each question carries 15 marks.
29 Discuss the role and significance of Supply Chain Management in e-commerce.
30 Briefly explain the different types of electronic payment systems.
31 Explain different models of internet advertising.

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