[E-commerce] B-com 4ts semester previous year question papers download

B.Tech IV Year II Semester Examinations, April – 2018
(Information Technology)
Time: 3 hours
Max. Marks: 75
Note: This question paper contains two parts A and B.
Part A is compulsory which carries 25 marks. Answer all questions in Part A. Part B
consists of 5 Units, Answer any one full question from each unit. Each question carries 10
marks and may have a, b, c as sub questions.

(25 Marks)
1. What is E-commerce?
2. What are the various advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce?
3. What are the types of smart cards?
4. What are the various properties of Electronic cash?
5. What is supply chain management?
6. What is the objective of Horizontal Organization?
7. Define Digital library
8. What are the advantages of Digital Documents?
9. What is Wide Area Information 10. Service (WAIS) Engine?
11. What is meant by Lossy Compression?

(50 Marks)
2.a) Give the frame work of electronic commerce.
2 Discuss Electronic Commerce Organizational applications.
Explain Mercantile Models from the Consumer’s perspective.
3. Write short notes on Credit-Based 4. Electronic Payment Systems,
5. Give an overview of inter organizational commerce
Explain information flow between organizations with EDI.
6. Give an overview of various electronic payment systems.
7. Discuss the components of Intra organizational electronic commerce.
What is workflow management? How product or service customization is adopted in intra
organizational commerce?
Give the advantages of automation in intra organization commerce.
8. What do you mean by customization? Explain how it enables intra organizational

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