10 interesting facts about Alia Bhatt you probably never knew

The actor once revealed in an interview with Filmfare that her friends and family used to call her ‘aloo’, the Hindi word for ‘potato’.

While many believe that Bhatt made her on-screen debut with Student of the Year, she actually entered the world of films at the mere age of six, playing a young Preity Zinta in the 1999 film Sangharsh

IAlia Bhatt's breakthrough role as Shananya Singhania in Student of the Year required her to compete alongside 400 other candidates.

She may look effortless carrying out her diverse roles on-screen, but as Bhatt once revealed to Vogue India in an interview, she’s undergone intense periods of practice for several of her films.

In another chat with Vogue India, Bhatt revealed that she allows herself five days of anxiety right before the release of a film—leaning into the fear and anticipation of success or failure before making herself move on

'.If Alia Bhatt could pick her last meal on earth, she'd make it count. “I’ll eat something super, super unhealthy—a burger and a pizza and a big chocolate dessert with some extra chocolate,” she once shared in an interview.

.During an interview in 2019, Bhatt revealed that she finds most perfumes for women too fruity

She also shared that she particularly admires Arjun Kapoor’s taste in fragrances—he was the one who introduced her to Tom Ford’s scents

Bhatt's fans and followers are well aware of the special bond she shares with sister Shaheen Bhatt. The duo share an apartment in Mumbai and Alia even once revealed via her Instagram stories that Shaheen is her favourite person