Kriti started her acting career with TV Commercials Sanon once shared in an interview. "Commercials didn’t require much acting, but I felt very comfortable with whatever little was required of me.

Most believe Sanon’s first silver screen project was the Hindi movie Heropanti (2014), but the actor had already made a name for herself in the Telugu film industry before debuting in Bollywood.

Recalling her first time ever as a model during an interview, the actor said, “I remember my first ramp walk clearly, because I had really messed it up. It was in Delhi, and I was walking on a lawn

It's no ordinary feat to overcome one’s fears. But for her film Raabta (2016), Kriti Sanon faced her phobia of being underwater by learning scuba diving.

Sanon's clothing brand Ms.Taken aims to bridge the homegrown western wear gap in the market. “I wanted to do something that I put my personal style in," Sanon once revealed about her range.

As she revealed in a 2019 interview, the actor was extremely interested in poetry while growing up. “I write poetry. I used to write a lot more when I was in school and college

As she revealed in an interview with Vogue India, Sanon’s industry muse is none other than Priyanka Chopra. Speaking of why she looks up to her, she explains, “PC is fearless,

When it comes to fashion, Sanon likes her comfort as much as she likes looking on-point. It comes as no surprise then that she loves sporting sneakers every now and then. “I am a sneaker head at heart

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