After singer Britney Spears did her new song with Elton John, her fans around the world are praising her comeback.

Elton John and Britney Spears have teamed up to the first time,

Releasing the club-ready, slinky single "Hold My Hand Closer" that lets the pop stars take classic songs and create something fresh. 

The dance-y, piano-driven song features John's hit song from 1971 "Tiny dancer" for the basis, 

and incorporates elements from his hits "The The One" as well as "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and all featuring Spears

While John has released new music over the last few years , including the album 2021,

Which has 16 tracks The Lockdown Sessions -- the track marks Spear's debut new album

since her album Glory and her first album following the end of her controversy-ridden conservatorship.