Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United have not gotten off to a great start in the Premier League this season, and his frustration appeared to show Monday ahead of his match against Liverpool

Ronaldo, who was on the bench to start for Manchester United, greeted Sky Sports broadcasters Gary Neville and Roy Keane

He went around Jamie Carragher to greet Keane. Dave Jones poked fun at Carragher for having a "nice conversation" with Ronaldo before the soccer star went back to warm up

Ronaldo was a former teammate of Neville and Keane, but former English soccer star Rio Ferdinand believes one of the world’s best players purposely snubbed Carragher.

"I think Cristiano is very aware of the Liverpool-Man United rivalry," he said on his YouTube show "FIVE." "That would’ve been one of the things but knowing Cristiano, I know Jamie Carragher has been very vocal about Cristiano’s the problem and stuff like that

"Trust me, Cristiano would’ve seen those comments and walking over there thinking ‘I’ll just let this guy know, he needs to calm down’ and humiliate him, show him up - whatever way you want to dress it up live on TV

In February, Carragher notably criticized Manchester United for bringing on Ronaldo from Juventus and keeping him for the 2022-23 season

"Given the cost of signing such a superstar as Ronaldo, it is not a smart investment," he wrote in a column for The Telegraph. "Let me repeat: I am talking about this stage of his career, not casting a critical glance and everything he has achieved

It is unclear whether Ronaldo purposely snubbed Carragher over the criticisms or whether Ronaldo was just playing up the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Ronaldo hit out at the media last week over rumors of him potentially transferring from Manchester United. He said he keeps a notebook of media "lies