Police within New York City are investigating the allegations of rape of star Devin Ratray,

Most famous who is best known for his role as the big brother in"Home Alone," a series of "Home Alone" movies,

He is currently being investigated for domestic violence charges in connection

With Unrelated incidents in Oklahoma in December of last year that involved his ex-girlfriend.

He has pleaded guilty in the case and has a hearing scheduled for October.

It was the announcement of the arrest of Ratray in Oklahoma that led Lisa Smith to contact prosecutors

Concerning a police report she filed in 2017, alleging the actor of sexually assaulting her inside New York City.

She was interested in knowing the reason why her case wasn't investigated.

Prosecutors, she said she was mistakenly thinking she was trying to keep her identity private and was not willing to press charges.

The case was dismissed the woman stated she was informed.