Naomi Judd's autopsy report confirmed her cause of death.

She was killed by an injury to her self that she incurred from a gunshot.

In the Williamson County, Tennessee, Medical Examiner's Office, the autopsy report concluded that 

the country music star who died was suffering from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder among other ailments.

The 13-page autopsy document, obtained by ET reports the fact

that Naomi had left "a note that had suicidal implications" that was discovered near her body as well as the weapon

The report further states that she was taking various medication for depression, in accordance with an investigation into toxicology.

The method of death is described in the report as "suicide" as well as the reason of death is stated as "gunshot head injury."

The report's conclusion states, "The decedent was a white woman aged 76 years old 

Who was found unresponsive by the family at the residence at around 10:57 hrs on the 30th of April, 2022. 911 was called

Emergency Medical Services responded to the home and took the body of the deceased for transport to Williamson Medical Center

Soon after arriving at the Emergency Department, death was confirmed in the presence of the doctor.