Kylie Jenner spent moments with sister Kendall Jenner, on August. 26. 

They both looked stunning! Model and makeup artist were joined by their friend Fai Khadra for dinner at Wally's Restaurant at Brentwood, CA. 

They wore chic black outfits with a long-sleeved, fit black dress that was fitted and heels for Kylie

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At some time, Kylie, who also was wearing her hair in ponytail, was spotted driving in a car near the restaurant. 

She then added sunglasses to complete her look. Kendall was wearing her hair down and both women seemed to be wearing makeup

that was perfect with their outfits. They were spotted getting ready to leave the venue but didn't pay any focus on the camera.

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by attending the official launch party for her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and Ulta Beauty.

Kylie wore a white, long-sleeved, unbuttoned shirt with a skirt and corset to match.

Also, she wore white high heels as well as a thick pair of white glasses as her hair was tied with a high-cut hairstyle.