Country stars Cassadee and Maren Morris have spoken out against remarks posted by 

country star Jason Aldean's spouse Brittany which some have called transphobic.

Brittany captioned an Instagram video of her applying makeup to the track of Beyonce's "Upgrade U" Wednesday.

"Lmao!! Glad they didn't because you and I would not have gotten along. ," her hubby responded to her comment.

This past Friday Pope made an appearance on Twitter and posted a tweet to fans that read

"You'd imagine that celebrities with beauty brands would be aware of the benefits of including LGBTQ and people with disabilities in their marketing.

Instead, we're being told that someone is comparing the "tomboy phase" with someone looking to make the transition. Real nice."

Morris responded in agreement with a dig at her own, tweeting "It's easy to be a scumbag. to be a scumbag? You can sell your clip-ins and zip it, insurrection Barbie."

Brittany has since responded to the criticism by accusing Pope for "advocating against the practice of genital matrimonial mutilation of kids," adding,

"Some parents are seeking for their children to feel accepted in society in such a way that

they're willing to take important decisions for their children, who aren't yet old enough to be aware of the consequences of their choices."

She also replied to Morris by saying "Karen Morris. Thank you for calling me, Barbie."

On Friday afternoon, Pope took to Instagram to post a photo of herself sporting a clever smile, 

captioned "POV: Knowing that you've gotten in the way of someone you're not a fan of at all ."