Meghan expressed her grief following the close-miss caused by her son

that included a heater in the nursery room becoming flames shortly after she delivered her speech to girls at her Nyanga township of Cape Town,

before rushing back to meet Archie and leaving Archie to attend another formal appointment

In a lengthy discussion on the debut episode of her'Archetypes' long-awaited podcast.

The Duchess took aim at people who criticized her for being 'ambitious' in the first few months after she first began to date Prince Harry.

In the book 'The Myth about Ambition by Serena Williams', Meghan spoke to Serena Williams,

a tennis legend who is among her closest friends about the double standards women have to face when labeled "ambitious".

She also spoke of the 'pain' she's felt behind closed doors

The Duchess now is living with Harry, lives in California together with Harry as well as their 2 kids