The well-known production "Don't worry, Darling" with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as an innocent couple

who are caught in a suburban plot has been the topic of debate for several months.

In addition, Director Olivia Wilde fire Shia LaBeouf prior to FKA Twigs' sexual abuse allegations against her,

however the replacement actress Styles as well as Wilde have been romantically tied.

There is a rumored conflict in the relationship between Pugh and Wilde

On the set is also driving the notion of an "Don't worry Darling" conflict

In which Pugh being reported to oppose Wilde regarding the film's message about sexuality among women.

Don't Forget that the international pop star Styles was paid three times as much as Oscar nomination Pugh.

The website Showbiz Galore originally stated that Pugh was paid $700,000 to make the film,

There was no source cited for the report, as well Warner Bros. did not provide any information on their salaries.