Shweta Tiwari has apologised for making a controversial statement. In a press conference, the actress had earlier said 'God is taking my bra size

The TV actress issued an official statement in the media. The first half of her statement reads, "It has come to my notice that a certain statement of mine referring to a colleague’s previous role has been taken out of context and has been misconstrued

When put in context, one will understand that the statement in reference to ‘Bhagwan’ was in context with Sourabh Raj Jain’s popular role of a deity.

People associate character names to actors and hence, I used that as an example during my conversation with the media. However, it has been completely misconstrued, which is saddening to see

someone who has been a staunch believer of ‘Bhagwan’ myself, there is no way that I would intentionally or unintentionally say or do any such thing that would hurt sentiments by and large.

The actress further mentioned when her statement was taken out of context, it unintentionally hurt people's sentiments. However, she assured everyone that it was never her intention to hurt anyone with her words or actions

Hence, I would like to humbly apologise for the hurt that my statement has unintentionally caused to a lot of people," added Shweta.

Shweta Tiwari recently courted controversy after she said in an interview 'God is taking my bra size'. The actress was promoting her upcoming web show,

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