2 primary shooters arrested by Delhi Police Special Cell

In a huge breakthrough in Investigation, the Delhi Police Special Cell on Monday arrested three persons, including two Primary shooters in the gruesome murder of the Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala. The third person has been identified.

As the head of the module that was involved in conspiring the murder of the Congress leader was also arrested, the police stated. A large number of arms and explosives were recovered during the arrest, the Delhi Police said. The shooters were arrested from Gujarat’s Mundra town

While giving details of the accused arrested. Moreover, the police has mentioned that Priyavrat Fauji, a Haryana-based gangster was one of the shooters. He was a part of the Ramkaran gang and worked as a sharpshooter.

He was in touch with Goldy Brar at the time of the shooting of Moose Wala. The 26-year-old was identified on the CCTV at a petrol pump at Fategarh before the Murder

Fauji was also involved in two other murder cases. And was arrested in 2015 in connection with a murder case in Sonipat. He is also the key suspect in another murder case in Sonipat in 2021.

.The other shooter was identified as Kashish Kuldeep. He also works as a sharpshooter and was caught on the same cctv as Fauji.  The 24-year-old shooter was wanted in another murder in Jhajjar, Haryana in 2021.

The Police also arrested Keshav Kumar, who acted as a support in the murder of Moose Wala. He had picked up the shooters in an Alto after the incident. He was earlier arrested in a murder case in Punjab in 2020.