Sini Shetty Biography, Age, Education, Career, Boyfriend

Sini Shetty Biography: On 2 July 2022, India received a new modelling face in Sini Shetty. She was crowned Femina Miss India 2022 yesterday in the grand finale event.

In this article, we are sharing Sini Shetty’s Bio, Age, Education, Career, Sini Shetty Boyfriend and other facts which you might be interested in knowing.

While Sini Shetty is currently pursuing the chartered financial analyst course, she’s all set to be the face of India on the stage of Miss World. Here is everything you need to know about Sini Shetty, Miss India 2022.

Sini Shetty won the title of Miss India 2022 in the Femina Miss India beauty pageant. Manasa Varanasi passed on the ground to her in a glamorous and dazzling ceremony yesterday.

The Gen Z model, Sini Shetty was born in 2000. She is presently 21 years old and hails from the land of Karnataka. While she was born and brought up in Mumbai, her family origin reveals her connections to the South of India.

Sini Shetty is a finance and accounting graduate. A bachelor’s degree profoundly focuses on commercial subjects. Additionally, she is also pursuing a professional course. She is presently an applicant for the chartered financial analyst CFA course.

Sini Shetty grabbed the limelight as she won the crown of Miss India Karnataka in 2022. Later, she participated in the Femina Miss India event. She presently holds titles like I NIFD miss talented, times miss body beautiful, and much more.

Not much is known about the family life of Sini Shetty. Their Father‘s name is Sadanand Shetty while her mother is known by the name of Hema Shetty. The occupation of her father is unknown and so is of her mother.

Most information about her can be retrieved by observing the content she put up on social media platforms like Instagram. It can be suspected that even though she could be in a romantic relationship, the name of her partner is not known.

Most of her collaborations are known through the advertisements she puts up on her Instagram profile. While she has participated in events such as the Global dance challenge by fab India, she has also modelled for brands like sugar cosmetics and pantaloons.