The "Summer House" star is 37 and proposed to his long-time scene girlfriend, Lindsay Hubbard,

the couple confirmed to People within minutes of footage from the wedding was uploaded on the Instagram.

The couple was engaged during filming of the Bravo film on Southhampton's Dune Beach on Saturday.

Hubbard was also extremely elated about her ring, which is a 3.5-carat square cushion

Queens of Bravo claimed all "Summer House" cast members were present and included Andrea Denver

However, Radke was quick to confirm that they were in fact "boyfriend" & "girlfriend."

The long-time friends had previously tried to transform their relationship into something more

When they were filming Season 4 in 2019, but they decided to keep their platonic relationship

following a conversation in which Radke admitted to Hubbard that he was not ready for anything serious.