She is the wife of famous American actor Thomas Sadoski.

The girl was raised in Allentown along with her older sister, Jennifer.

Because of her sister, whom she called her closest companion, Seyfried had an adventurous life at an early age.

As the future actress reached to the age, Her parents put her in William Allen High School.

She studied for a long time and dedicated part of her day modeling, just like Dua Dolce did.

In reality, Amanda started modelling in 1996, at the age of 11 years old.

Of course she was a well-organized child who juggled work and studies in a balanced manner.

Three years ago, just before graduating, Amanda embarked on her dreams of a career in acting.

She put in a lot of effort to establish a name for herself in the world of film.

Amanda began vocal lessons, took classes in opera, and was soon offered her first role as an actor in a daytime drama series along with Soap Operas.