Top 10 ways to look Sexy and bold in saree

1. Right jewellery- It’s really important to choose appropriate and matching jewellery. Jewellery can add more glam to your look.

2. Add belt to your saree look- Adding belt to your saree will give it a western twist.

3. Pant style drape- One of the best ways to drape a saree. This style gives you an incredibly modern look. It is comfortable, functional and super chic

4. Embroidered blouse- Opt for an embroidered blouse, it adds more glam to your look.

5. Ever wondered why a particular color suits you? Well, colors have a remarkable ability to influence your looks.

6. Accessorizing your saree with the perfect jewelry can make you look beautiful too.

7. Designers believe that red is the color of love and passion, and it attracts anyone quickly. If you want to look hot and sexy in a saree, try a pure plain silk saree.

9. A piece of saree with a thin border will give you the attention you deserve. Sarees with subtle thin borders will make your frame look slimmer and attractive.

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