What is The Bollywood (Indian Cinema)

All about Hindi language Indian film industry (Bollywood) :-

Bollywood film industry
Bollywood film industry

What is the bollywood and indian cinema – Bollywood is a Hindi Film Industry , from Mumbai (formerly known as bombay), maharashtra , india. bollywood is a largest film production center in india which is producing hundreds of movies annually which is a mixture of music , drama , action , dance , romance , etc. Bollywood name is a combination of ‘Bombay’ and ‘Hollywood’ , hollywood is a world largest film production center which is present in america and also known as center of the american film industry.

Why do we call Bollywood ?

Bollywood name is a combination of two words which is ‘Bombay’ ( former name of mumbai ) and ‘hollywood’ ( center of the american film industry ) bollywood name is refer to indian hindi language film industry which is named after the hollywood , over the time bollywood became a synonymous for the indian film industry also including production of all regional languages movies, and now “Bollywood” name is widely used for glamorous and colorful universe of indian cinema.

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Is Bollywood only for India ?

Indian cinema evolved
Indian cinema evolved

No, Bollywood is not only for indian audience , whereas Bollywood films are primarily made for indian viewers, also bollywood has large audience from all over the world. mostly from South Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. bollywood movies is not only for indian viewers but also for all audience of world , different audience can understand the bollywood movie theme from movies dubbed version.

What culture is Bollywood ?

Bollywood is a product of indian culture and bollywood is representing indian values , indian beliefs , indian traditions, and social norms. bollywood also following indian culture and representing the indian culture in its movies , songs , etc. Bollywood films depict indian society and its rituals , traditions , secrament , and families relations , friends relations , etc. also highlighting the struggles and success of ordinary peoples. Overall, Bollywood is a cultural representation of India and its diverse communities, and has become a significant part of Indian national identity.

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History of bollywood

Bollywood from ancient time
Bollywood from ancient time

Bollywood has very attractive and fascinating history. bollywood industry started from 1913, when the first silent movie ‘Raja Harishchandra ‘ produced and released by Indian cinema. Over the next few decades The bollywood film industry became popular in all over India and also some other countries of the world and Indian cinema grew and evolved, adapting to audience thinks , tastes , perception and new technologies and also representing Indian culture.

The 1940’s and 1950’s are considered to be the Bollywood’s Golden era or golden age. on that time released many timeless classics that are still popular today. on that period saw the rise of many talented actors, actresses , producer , writer , directors , musician , film companies , and the birth of the bollywood ( Indian cinema ) style of film making.

In the era of 1960’s and 1970’s , Bollywood ( Indian Cinema ) experimented new themes , new genres and began to address Social and political issues in Bollywood movies, this period also saw the emergence of new generation of actors, actresses and filmmakers with new thoughts who pushed boundaries of what was possible in Bollywood Industry.

Today’s time , Bollywood Industry is one of the largest film industry in all over the world, producing hundreds of movies annually and generating high amount of revenue which also contributing in India’s economy and worked as a countries soft power. despite facing many challenged , like competition from other Indian film industry and also world’s film industry like Hollywood . Bollywood Industry remains an Indian culture of identity and continuous to entertain the audience around the world.

who is the boss of indian film industry or Bollywood?

Bollywood Movies
Bollywood Movies

bollywood is not owned by a single person or organization. bollywood is a very big diversified and decentralised indistry, it includes many different film production companies, film makers , directors , actors , actresses , etc. The Indian cinema as bollywood has a collaboration of various professions including director, producer , actor , actress , writer , musician , technician and etc. these all individuals and entities come together and make bollywood movies in Bollywood .

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Who are the top actors and actresses in Bollywood ?

In Bollywood Cinema there are many talented actors and actresses. but the limelite or popularity of an individual artists also can change over the time based on artists recent work and also based on public point of views. however , Some of the most popular actors and actresses are present in the list below :-


Top actors of bollywood industry
Top actors of bollywood industry

Amitabh Bachchan

Shah Rukh Khan

Salman khan

Aamir Khan

Akshay Kumar

Hritik Roshan

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Top actress of bollywood industry
Top actress of bollywood industry

Karishma kapoor

Madhuri dixit

Preity Zinta

Deepika Padukone

Priyanka Chopra

Kiara advani

Alia Bhatt

There are also some other talented actors and actresses and they also contributing their hardwork in making successful films and development of Indian cinema which are not in list .

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