Wonder Woman 3 teased by Gal Gadot in celebration of the original film

Gal Gadot looks back on the original Wonder Woman film on its fourth anniversary, as well as looks forward to the upcoming Wonder Woman 3 with Patty Jenkins.

   In honor of its fourth anniversary, Gal Gadot has recalled the success of the original Wonder Woman film, teasing Wonder Woman 3. While the DC Extended Universe struggled to find its footing in its early years, 2017’s Patty Jenkins was a hit with both film critics. and filmmaker. In view of this, a sequel was soon flagged off with Wonder Woman 1984, which was postponed for some time before finally releasing in December 2020.

   Of course, the follow-up film was not as well received as its predecessor, but was successful enough to warrant another film. Warner Bros is confident of the partnership of Jenkins and Gadot, both of whom are now locked in for Wonder Woman 3. At this time, not much is known about the project as it does not even have a release date. However, it is coming to an end, and the ending of Wonder Woman 1984 is a spectacular leap forward for its story. In anticipation of the upcoming film, Gadot has now focused on his journey as a superhero.

   Taking to her official Twitter account, the actress stirred up nostalgia by saying that Wonder Woman changed her life. Gadot also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to bring a feminist icon to life and promised that she would “do everything to keep and tell the story of Wonder Woman in the best way she can.” She ended the post by sharing the final modernization sequence of the original film with the hashtag Wonder Woman 3. See his tweet below:

   Since the first two Wonder Woman movies were period pieces, there’s a belief that Wonder Woman 3 will eventually be set in the modern era—perhaps even after Diana Prince’s tenure in the Justice League. In keeping with the ever-changing plans of the DCEU, Amazonian Devi will be the first hero in the franchise to have a full trilogy of films. It is uncertain whether her story will continue beyond the threequels, but given how popular the character is, Warner Bros. may be eager to continue her story. If anything, Jenkins has previously said that she already has an idea for Wonder Woman 4.

Photo Instagram – @gal_gadot

   First, Wonder Woman 3 will hit theaters in 2023, judging by the Warner Bros. DC Films slates. After the hybrid release of Wonder Woman 1984, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wonder Woman 3 has been promised traditional theatrical performances. Based on Gadot’s tweet, it looks like he’s committed to bringing the franchise to a satisfactory conclusion, if it really ends with a third film. Hopefully, those who have enjoyed the story of Wonder Woman since the original film are pleased with the ending.

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